Innovations for Wind Power

Our climate is changing. Heating the planet makes sea levels rise.
Identify the possibilities. The technology is available. We need to respond fast.

Introducing the latest innovations - updating you where innovations are being implemented.
Innovate early. Develop fast. Demonstrate decisively.

Never loose focus

Introducing the latest innovations - updating you where innovations are being implemented.
Innovate early. Develop fast. Demonstrate decisively.

Right on time

I started in wind energy research in 2000. My research group performed R&D on wind energy for twenty-five years and large steps had been taken, although at that time market development was still in its infancy.
The timing was perfect: since that time I worked on larger and larger turbines, better understanding the wind resource, increased knowledge on aerodynamics, introduction of wind farm control, the start in development O&M concepts and offshore wind technology.
Timing was perfect!

At the right location

The Netherlands is the place to be for offshore wind energy.
Although development of large-scale offshore wind farms evolved slower than I wished for, the demonstration wind farm OWEZ was unique and in time.
In 2016 the developments are speeding up: Gemini offshore wind farm and the unique NoordOostPolder wind farm get online and the tenders for Borssele offshore wind farms are happening. The first bid led to the worldwide lowest cost of energy for a large offshore wind farm.


Everybody working on offshore wind power is engaged. I enjoy working with R&D institutes in The Netherlands, Europe and at other continents, with universities and with industrial partners.
The wind energy sector in the Netherlands is organised through TKI Wind op Zee, an engaged organisation to stimulate and accelerate innovations and to support the Dutch industry.


Working at FOM, TNO and in Wind Energy I have delivered many reports and published my findings and opinion.

Publications Peter Eecen


Our society is at the onset of an energy transition. The first steps are made in a high-impact process.
More renewable energy generation is urgently required to minimize global warming effects.
In The Netherlands we have plenty wind power and solar power.

Let's aim for the benefits:
Economic growth and self-sustainable energy supply.